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Tips for Setting Up Your Granny Flat As A Home Office

If you’re looking for a granny flat designer, Sydney is the home base for Great Value Granny Flats. And while many municipalities restrict the use of granny flats for commercial purposes, they have no problem with you using it as a home office.

The maximum size of a granny flat is roughly 60m2 though in Queensland it can go up to 80m2.  They can’t be higher than 8.5 metres, and are generally self-contained, even if they are single-room studio units. They can have inbuilt toilets, kitchenettes, and bathrooms.

When you’re turning this residential structure into a home office, the layout matters. How many rooms does your unit have? If it’s a multi-room flat, you can use the living room as your lobby or reception and the bedroom as your private, inner office. For a flat with an open plan kitchenette area, use a privacy screen to seal it off from the rest of the room.

Aside from the layout, natural lighting matters, so place your desk in the best it section of the room. Make sure you angle it so that the light doesn’t directly get into your eyes, or you’ll spend half the day squinting. Working in direct sunlight can also affect concentration and cause fatigue, so aim for indirect lighting angles.

Depending on your working style, pick a desk location that has good interaction with your window. If you’re an artsy, creative type, sitting near a good view can inspire you and offer a consistent muse. If you’re more methodical in your thinking, the view may do the opposite and distract you, messing with your work-flow, so choose carefully.

Take the same approach to office furnishing. Cosy rugs, cushions, and fabric curtains give your space a relaxed, homely feeling, but if you need a clean, efficient space, use minimalistic metallic furnishing with stainless steel, chrome, vinyl, and plastic. It helps to have a mini-fridge, water dispenser, and microwave to avoid having to visit the main house for snacks.

Your granny flat shares utilities with the main house, so you will have the same water source, sewerage system, and power line, so if you have internet in the main house, you can stretch the connection to reach your granny flat home office.

If you prefer, and if your budget allows it, you can talk to your internet service provider and get a separate line for the home office. This helps because your dedicated connection may be faster without interference from the main house.

Because you’re working with limited space, restrict yourself to minimal office furniture and appliances. Have a good desk and chair for yourself, one or two seats for clients, a computer, and a printer. Select a multi-purpose unit that can print, scan, photocopy, fax, and send emails.

For more tips on getting the most out of your granny flat, call us today on 02 9588 3444.

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