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Tips for Choosing The Right Placement For Your Granny Flat

So you’re on your way to getting your very own granny flat. First of all, congratulations. Granny flats can make a great addition to property, whether it’s for housing relatives, renting out, or simply as an additional room. Now that you’ve decided to get a granny flat comes the next questions. How big should we go? What design do we want? And – where to put it?

How far away from the house will you want it?

The distance that you’ll want your granny flat away from your actual house will depend entirely on its purpose. If you’d like it to be for your teenage son or daughter who is a fan of listening to music at full blast, then you’ll probably want it right down the end of the backyard. If it’s for your elderly mother and you’d like to keep an eye on her, then you might like to have it close enough to be able to see her from inside.

Where makes the most sense from a landscaping perspective?

What does your yard look like currently? Is it highly sculpted? Where are the large trees, if any? Where is the entertaining area? It makes sense to place your granny flat in an area that won’t require too much of a change to your current layout. It can be very expensive to move large trees and painstaking to rip up things like large limestone blocks. Take these things into consideration when you’re looking at placement or you might find your budget for your granny flat blowing out.

Making sure it complies with government regulations

The rules regarding granny flat placement vary between states and local councils, so you’ll need to look up the relevant authority in your area to see what regulations may apply to your property. This might include things like the distance from any big trees in your backyard, as well as the distance from certain fences.

Hooking up with electricity/sewerage/etc.

Running electricity and sewerage lines from your house is another consideration to make. The further that your granny flat is away from your property, the more costly and difficult it may be to install electric and water. This is not always the case but is for many properties so beware of this point.

We can help if you’re having difficulties about exactly where to place your granny flat in your yard. Feel free to get in contact, send through your photos or property dimensions and we can take a look to see where it might be best to place your new granny flat. Having happy, satisfied customers who love their new granny flat is our number one priority at Great Value Granny Flats.

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