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Melbourne and Victoria

A planning permit is not required in Victoria if a Granny Flat construction is to be used as a Dependent Person’s Unit (DPU).

A DPU is a building that is built on your property (and this is not the principal dwelling) for a person that is dependent on the person living in the main residence. A DPU has a kitchen and bathroom and usually shares its sewer and water services with the sites principal residence,

Building permits are not required if the DPU meet the requirements as detailed in Building Regulations 2006, schedule 18, item 18*

For example, in some Victorian Council areas, Granny Flats can only be occupied by a person who is dependent on the resident of the main dwelling – usually a family member. Once they leave, it has to be removed. Some Council rules state Granny Flats cannot be occupied or rented out privately. It is each Councils responsibility to enforce these rules through the enforcement provisions of the Planning and Environment Act.

Usually, depending on which council, the occupant of the DPU has to be named at the time of building. Your local Council rules and regulations have to be taken into account when planning to build a DPU in the state of Victoria. Speak to both the building and planning departments and obtain something in writing before planning to build your DPU. Each department will give you all the information you require.

* All of our Great Value Granny Flat Cabins meet these requirements

The information provided is general and specific local council consultation should be arranged.

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