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Our Cabins are Safe and Durable

Have you heard of granny flats? If you haven’t, you might be wringing your brain at the strangeness of the term. After all, grannies aren’t big fans of stairs, what with arthritis and all, so why would they live in apartment blocks? And the very idea of a grandmother house certainly doesn’t sound very appealing.

As it turns out, you’d be wrong. A granny flat is a single-story self-contained living area. Our version of the granny flat is a prefabricated cabin that you can set up all on your own. You can live in it or use it as a home office. It’s a quick, convenient, and long-lasting piece of real estate.

We have two models that are particularly popular. Our Studio Units offer a single, wide open living space with a toilet and shower area cordoned off, and a kitchenette space tucked into one corner. Our one-bedroom and two-bedroom units have a similar layout except that the bedrooms are walled off from the main living areas.

What makes our flats such a good idea? Well, you can assemble them yourself, if you’re a DIY enthusiast with some carpentry skills. Units are made of pre-fabricated components complete with screws, bolts, and adhesives. The package will be delivered to your door.

Our housing units are flat pack kits, which means your new cabin arrives conveniently packaged. You get all the home components and put them up in your yard. The houses have durable powder coated roofs and walls to prevent rust and water damage. Our poly floors are sturdy and easy to maintain, while the windows and doors are made of aluminium.

It’s important to check the local council regulations around Granny Flats, as they do vary.

For example, in South Australia, our flats can only be built for family members. The same rule applies in Brisbane, Queensland, and Sydney. This means while you can’t have tenants, you can conveniently house teenagers, elderly parents, or co-living in-laws. It’s a great way to facilitate autonomy while still offering the safety and assurance of family support.

If you’re shopping for granny flats – Great Value Granny Flats offer affordable prices and high-quality units that will ensure the roof over your head is safe, stylish, and durable. Get in touch with us today on 02 9588 3444 to book your delivery.


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Select the granny flat design that suits your requirements - in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne - in fact, Australia wide, and we will deliver to your building site. Order our expertly built granny flat Flatpack for your backyard, and you will be enjoying your additional space with minimal expense and effort in no time at all.