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Why So Many Australians are Working From Home

The world is changing rapidly, in lots of different ways. The organic revolution is changing how we eat. Computers are changing how we study. Gender debates are changing how we marry. Globalisation is changing how we work. And all this is changing how we live.

A few decades ago, the average Australian’s life plan was simple. Go to school. Graduate college. Find a job. Get married. Have some kids. Retire. But just like our fellow citizens of the world, our local perspective is shifting.

We’re no longer content to work a single job all our lives or to live in one place forever. We want to live life, explore, travel, discover new things. We want the comfort of home, but we also want the freedom to get up and go whenever we want to.

We enjoy the stability of a pay cheque and the prestige of a good job, but we want the flexibility to spend time with our families and indulge in our hobbies. We want to pay the bills, but we also increasingly want to follow our passions.

For many Aussies, working from home is the solution. It allows us to escape draining commutes and reside wherever we want, while still earning a living. It gives us the space to be with friends and raise families without compromising our spending.

The types of jobs that Aussies do from home vary, but almost all of them are fed by the internet. Good web access allows us to telecommute, carry out tasks remotely, and run successful online businesses. We work as Virtual PAs, open Etsy shops, and report to work from hostels cyber-cafes all over the world.

For the large volume of us that work from home, easy access to family, the fridge, and the TV can be both a blessing and a curse. We enjoy having our loved ones around, but the distractions can lead to a lot less man (and woman) hours.

One of the keys to successfully working from home is having a consciously designed office space. It’s a section of your home where you can’t be interrupted. You can schedule designated work hours and apply the same discipline that you would in a regular office.

Our Granny Flats design are a great way to do that. Since these pre-fab living cabins are physically separate from your home, they create psychological space as well, allowing you to get all your work done. And you can install these studio set-ups or two-bedroom units yourself.

Since the company is 100% Australian owned and managed, you are assured of on-site maintenance and easy access to customer care. If you’d like to get started on installing your home office today, give us a call on 02 9588 3444.

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