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Why A Granny Flat is The Simple Solution

There comes a time for most people, when it feels like their homes are becoming a little bit small for their purposes like it’s time to move on. This will generally happen from your very first home all the way up until the kids start leaving home. If you own your own home, then this can pose a bit of a dilemma.

Generally, you will have picked the house that you live in carefully, for the area, facilities, and more. You’ll probably be quite settled where you are and won’t have a huge desire to move, save for the fact that you think the home you’re living in is a little small for your purposes.

Here, you have three options available: to move house, to renovate and extend your home, or to add a granny flat.

Moving house

Moving house is the least desirable option of your three choices. Moving house means not just finding the ideal home, but finding it in an area that you’d like to live in. For many people, it means finding the ideal house close by your current home, because you like the area, which is very hard to do. Trying to find the perfect home in the right suburb at the right price is like landing the trifecta at the races – extremely difficult to pull off.

Extending your current home

Many people choose to renovate and extend their houses. However, this is a particularly lengthy and annoying process, too. Not only do you have to come up with an agreed upon design, ensure that it complies with all the local regulations and doesn’t start massive fights with the neighbours, but you also have to find reliable, and trustworthy workers to do the work. As well as pick all the finishes and touches, as well as have disruptions to the home you live in for many months oftentimes. Yuck!

Getting a granny flat

If you’ve run out of space in your home and you’re looking for the easiest solution to your problem – as well as the most cost-effective one – then you need to take a look at erecting a granny flat in your backyard. Granny flats can come in one or multiple rooms, so you can add extra bedrooms, office space, or lounge rooms to your property, all without touching your existing property or having to disrupt your house while it’s being put up.

Our granny flats are an awesome and cost-effective way to get more space out of your property without the need to move or renovate your home. Check out Great Value Granny Flats for the most affordable flats in Australia – we have all sorts of designs available.

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