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A Close Look at Our Granny Flat Module Options

We have a number of granny flat module available to choose from, with each one just that little bit different from the rest. Whether you’re just after an extra separate study from your house or something more “mini-home” like, this article will explain the differences between each of our modules.

Module 1: Our studio cabin series

When it comes to affordable granny flat options, you can’t go past our basic studio cabin series, in two different designs: one with an ensuite and one without. These are both the same basic design and come in flat pack form. These small studios are enough to fit your very own home office, extra bedroom, or living room, all without having to renovate your home. It’s up to you as to whether you need an ensuite in your granny flat or not. Without an ensuite, our price is $9999 (excluding delivery), and with ensuite, you’re looking at $10,499 (excluding delivery).


Module 2: Bedroom cabins

Looking for something a little more like a traditional granny flat? A space that is truly for living in instead of a room? Then you’re sure to like our bedroom cabin granny flats. These granny flats both offer an ensuite and living room and come in either a one bedroom or two bedroom design. They are ideal for housing relatives who come to stay, kids, or even to rent out as an Airbnb option. They offer everything you really need to live in. Our one bedroom design comes in at $17,499 without delivery and the two-bedders is great value at the same price point.


Module 3: The complete packages

Our module 3 – flat pack granny flats are for a real home apart from your main house. These designs incorporate either one or two bedrooms, along with a living area, shower recess, and kitchen. These are best suited for when there is a need to create a dwelling that is truly self-sufficient and spacious. These modules are priced at $27,999 and have the option of a solar generator system for additional self-sufficiency.

At Great Value Granny Flats, we really are just that: great value. Our granny flats are designed specifically to be affordable for everyone and it is our pleasure to see customers around the country be able to add another dimension to their homes without the need to do construction altering renovations. If you are looking around for your very own granny flat then our flat pack options can be the perfect solution. Take a look around our site, check out our videos, and make sure to call us with all of your questions – we are here to help you!

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