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Space Maximising Options for Your Granny Flat Furnishings

So, you’ve decided that you’re going to purchase yourself a granny flat. Good move! Granny flats are an ideal way to add an extra room (or rooms) to your home without having to go to the trouble and expense of building an extension. Granny flats are designed to be fairly compact, though, so that they will be able to fit comfortably in your backyard. This means that you will need to make wise decisions about how you use your space.

Maximising your space in your granny flat can be made easier if you follow our simple tips for doing …

A Close Look at Our Granny Flat Module Options

We have a number of granny flat module available to choose from, with each one just that little bit different from the rest. Whether you’re just after an extra separate study from your house or something more “mini-home” like, this article will explain the differences between each of our modules.
Module 1: Our studio cabin series
When it comes to affordable granny flat options, you can’t go past our basic studio cabin series, in two different designs: one with an ensuite and one without. These are both the same basic design and come in flat pack form. These small studios …

Housing Affordability is Driving The Demand for Granny Flats

In Sydney, there is a lack of affordable housing; young home buyers find they just cannot save enough money for a deposit while renting. Home owners are seeing this *gap* in the rental market and are turning their back yards into a home for a new granny flat. Of course, granny flats have transformed and are no longer a one room set up with a small shower and toilet, they have become fully-fledged homes in their own right.

Granny flats have come a long way, and because of this home owners are seeing them as a good investment, turning some of …

Deciding Factors on Whether to Install An Ensuite in Your Granny Flat

Granny flats seem like a pretty straightforward concept. After all, the name says it all. It’s a little house where a granny can live, isn’t it? The reality is a little different. For one thing,  granny flats aren’t technically flats at all. They’re more like bungalows, laid on out a single storey, on the ground floor, somewhere outside the main house.

Granny flats are free standing housing units. They can be used as living quarters, though they are increasingly being used as home offices. The decision to include an ensuite, therefore, depends on the intended use of the flat, as well …

Why So Many Australians are Working From Home

The world is changing rapidly, in lots of different ways. The organic revolution is changing how we eat. Computers are changing how we study. Gender debates are changing how we marry. Globalisation is changing how we work. And all this is changing how we live.

A few decades ago, the average Australian’s life plan was simple. Go to school. Graduate college. Find a job. Get married. Have some kids. Retire. But just like our fellow citizens of the world, our local perspective is shifting.

We’re no longer content to work a single job all our lives or to live in one place …

Our Cabins are Safe and Durable

Have you heard of granny flats? If you haven’t, you might be wringing your brain at the strangeness of the term. After all, grannies aren’t big fans of stairs, what with arthritis and all, so why would they live in apartment blocks? And the very idea of a grandmother house certainly doesn’t sound very appealing.

As it turns out, you’d be wrong. A granny flat is a single-story self-contained living area. Our version of the granny flat is a prefabricated cabin that you can set up all on your own. You can live in it or use it as a …

Can Anyone Build A Granny Flat on Their Block

Many people are lead to believe that as long as they have a 12m block and 450 square meters of land, then they are guaranteed to build a granny flat. Another misconception is tat it takes just 10 days to get a permit to start building a granny flat in your backyard.
The truth is, there is still a rigorous process of calculations, consultants and documentation required before approval can be granted for a granny flat.

In 2009, the NSW Government introduced the Affordable Rental Housing SEPP to encourage granny flats as a form of affordable housing.

Below is a summary of …

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