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Granny Flat Modules to Choose for 2018

Studio design
This Module 1 series design has proven to be a very popular choice as a studio cabin option. This granny flat comes in two designs available with, or without the ensuite option. This is a simple and elegant design that offers you the chance to add an extra living area to your home without the need to renovate your home. When it comes to a house renovation, it’s often messy, inconvenient and you must deal with builders, fees and a long time waiting for approvals.

Creative people need and would love a studio space to work in, artists, photographers, writers, …

Landscaping Around Your New Granny Flat

In some councils, granny flats can’t be used as rental spaces. They can only be used by members of the family.

Similarly, provisions exist in some areas, that a granny flat can’t be built on a sub-divided lot, and you can’t put a boundary between it and the main house. So initially your landscaping options can seem quite limited. However, with a bit of creative thinking, you can use outdoor décor to enhance the aesthetics of your granny flat.

Turf is a good place to start, and when it comes to laying turf around granny flats, Sydney offers three main kinds: Kikuyu, …

How Much Value Does a Granny Flat Add?

Getting a granny flat can be an excellent decision to make for your household. Not only can it be a great way to make the most out of the space of your property (without doing a costly renovation or extension), it can also make good financial sense to get a granny flat – but it all depends on a number of factors. So today we walk you through the ins and outs of how much value a granny flat is going to add to your property – and ultimately end up in your back pocket.
Will you be renting out your …

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