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Install a Granny Flat This Summer to Solve Your Space Shortage

There is no worse feeling than having every single cupboard, drawer, closet, and box in the house stuffed full to the brim with stuff! The right type of storage solutions prove elusive for many people across the country, and often you’ll find yourself calling up a storage space company just to cart off some boxes of your things. There are always items that you need to keep and can’t throw out but don’t have a home for in the house.

By this stage, if you have a shed, it’s probably already filled to the brim with this sort of stuff. And …

Tips for Setting Up Your Granny Flat As A Home Office

If you’re looking for a granny flat designer, Sydney is the home base for Great Value Granny Flats. And while many municipalities restrict the use of granny flats for commercial purposes, they have no problem with you using it as a home office.

The maximum size of a granny flat is roughly 60m2 though in Queensland it can go up to 80m2.  They can’t be higher than 8.5 metres, and are generally self-contained, even if they are single-room studio units. They can have inbuilt toilets, kitchenettes, and bathrooms.

When you’re turning this residential structure into a home office, the layout matters. How …

Why A Granny Flat is The Simple Solution

There comes a time for most people, when it feels like their homes are becoming a little bit small for their purposes like it’s time to move on. This will generally happen from your very first home all the way up until the kids start leaving home. If you own your own home, then this can pose a bit of a dilemma.

Generally, you will have picked the house that you live in carefully, for the area, facilities, and more. You’ll probably be quite settled where you are and won’t have a huge desire to move, save for the fact that …

Can I Legally Rent Out My Granny Flat?

When tossing up on the decision of whether or not to install a granny flat, you might be thinking about doing it for financial reasons – renting it out. You could well be thinking that it’d be good to rent out a little space in your yard as a nice little income earner. But before you go ahead and sign up for a granny flat you will need to take a look at your state and local council guidelines for granny flats.

The rules regarding whether you can legally rent out a granny flat in Australia differ from state to state …

Tips for Choosing The Right Placement For Your Granny Flat

So you’re on your way to getting your very own granny flat. First of all, congratulations. Granny flats can make a great addition to property, whether it’s for housing relatives, renting out, or simply as an additional room. Now that you’ve decided to get a granny flat comes the next questions. How big should we go? What design do we want? And – where to put it?
How far away from the house will you want it?
The distance that you’ll want your granny flat away from your actual house will depend entirely on its purpose. If you’d like it to be …

Do You Need Your Neighbour’s Approval to Build A Granny Flat?

Studio Cabin with Ensuite


Building granny flats is on the rise – there is no doubt about that! House prices are increasing, and people are looking for cheaper and more affordable housing solutions. granny flats are seen as a good investment with rental returns of $300 a week plus. While this is great for the investor, neighbours are slightly overlooked. One of the biggest complaints neighbours lodge over a granny flat is a loss of privacy.

Thanks to new rules introduced by the government in 2009 granny flats are easier to build …

Where Did The Term Granny Flat Originate?

Granny flat. Just who’s idea was it to call it that anyway? Why not mini-house? The Americans call it a secondary suite, which sounds far more classy when you think about it.

The name granny flat, when you think about it, isn’t all that enticing, after all, is it? But is it a uniquely Australian term, or did it have its origins somewhere else?

In these modern times, grandmas are now taking to be called unique, quirky and cute names – it strikes fear into the hearts of many 50-year-olds that they might someday soon be called “granny”. Granny, as a nickname …

Space Maximising Options for Your Granny Flat Furnishings

So, you’ve decided that you’re going to purchase yourself a granny flat. Good move! Granny flats are an ideal way to add an extra room (or rooms) to your home without having to go to the trouble and expense of building an extension. Granny flats are designed to be fairly compact, though, so that they will be able to fit comfortably in your backyard. This means that you will need to make wise decisions about how you use your space.

Maximising your space in your granny flat can be made easier if you follow our simple tips for doing …

A Close Look at Our Granny Flat Module Options

We have a number of granny flat module available to choose from, with each one just that little bit different from the rest. Whether you’re just after an extra separate study from your house or something more “mini-home” like, this article will explain the differences between each of our modules.
Module 1: Our studio cabin series
When it comes to affordable granny flat options, you can’t go past our basic studio cabin series, in two different designs: one with an ensuite and one without. These are both the same basic design and come in flat pack form. These small studios …

Housing Affordability is Driving The Demand for Granny Flats

In Sydney, there is a lack of affordable housing; young home buyers find they just cannot save enough money for a deposit while renting. Home owners are seeing this *gap* in the rental market and are turning their back yards into a home for a new granny flat. Of course, granny flats have transformed and are no longer a one room set up with a small shower and toilet, they have become fully-fledged homes in their own right.

Granny flats have come a long way, and because of this home owners are seeing them as a good investment, turning some of …

Great Value Granny Flats is a 100% Australian owned pre-fabricated building supplier

Select the granny flat design that suits your requirements - in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne - in fact, Australia wide, and we will deliver to your building site. Order our expertly built granny flat Flatpack for your backyard, and you will be enjoying your additional space with minimal expense and effort in no time at all.